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Easy Grow Tech is an emerging IT company in India and abroad. Being a Important Venture of Easy Grow Traders Pvt. Ltd. We design, build websites, provide internet marketing solutions and help businesses create their brand.
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Software Development

It’s bespoke software solutions that give you the edge to be ahead of the competition and you need a reliable partner to get it done for you. You should look no further. At Easy grow tech we do it with cutting edge technology and have the best people to bank on.

Ecommerce Portal

You create quality products with rigorous toil and your hard work deserves a perfect platform to reach to the customers. Ecommerce portals are among the best ways to showcase your products and do transaction even at faraway places. Rely on us to create ecommerce portal for you and you will have a distinguished place in the market with a distinct brand identity.

Mobile App Development

In the era of mobile marketing, apps play important role for the promotion of your brand. Get in touch with us now and take the plunge in the world of technology with a reliable partner to accompany you.

Data Analysis

If you know which particular product sells more in which store or which particular age group or gender visits you more, you can target your marketing strategy well. We have the software to analyze that data for you and we can customize software, too, in accordance with your need.

Social Media Marketing

It’s an era of social media where every age group is clinging to various social media platforms. For a marketer it is of utmost importance that the right message goes to the target group. We have the experts to create right communication and give you more visibility.

Creative Writing

Write the right way and your message will have lasting impact. We have the experts who would create content and copy for various media platforms to help you project your brand with appropriate tone and in consequence increase the awareness about your brand.

Website Development

It’s becoming a necessity for every business to have its website to showcase its products not only to faraway customers but even people living close by prefer connecting through online platforms. At Dhara Systems, we make sure you the get the website that is cost effective and conveys the right message to your consumers.

API Integration

API integration is an important component for your software to connect smoothly and bring in data from faraway sites. The integration also plays important role for your payment gateway and with our expertise, you will be in safe hands to connect the nodes and collect the data.

ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning, as the name itself suggests is about better utilization of resources, is an integral part of modern day business. In simple terms you will be saving costs with the implementation of the software. We provide the added advantage of customizing it to suit your business even if your enterprise is a smaller one.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

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